HUBER Solution for Semi-Centralized Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

Settlements, villages and suburbs can not always be connected to centralized sewer systems and treatment plants; pumping stations and transfer pipelines are cost-prohibitive. For settlements with up to 5,000 inhabitants we have developed our semi-central HUBER Solution.

Within the settlement the municipal and industrial wastewater is collected treated in a compact plant. The arriving wastewater is first mechanically pre-treated in a HUBER Complete Plant with integrated fine screen and grit/grease chamber. After intermediate storage for flow and freight balancing, it is treated full-biologically in a compact HUBER BioMem® membrane bio-reactor. For higher wastewater loads we use our HUBER Vacuum Rotation Membrane VRM® Bioreactor. Our ultrafiltration membranes retain all solids and bacteria. Activated sludge growing in the reactor is supplied with oxygen by air diffusion.

The permeate effluent is of excellent quality, complies with the European Bathing Water Directive and can be be reused as service water or discharged into sensitive waters. 

Washed and compacted screenings are disposed of as solid waste. Since the biomass growing in the bio-reactor is aerobically stabilized, surplus sludge can be land applied as fertilizer and for soil improvement. We provide our small Screw Press for sludge dewatering.

Conceito de Sistema

Conceito de Sistema

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Vantagens da Solução HUBER:

  • Ótimo custo benefício devido ao uso de componentes padronizados
  • Trabalho de construção minimizado em estações compactas
  • Baixo custo operacional
  • Retenção de todos os sólidos e bactéria por nossa membrana de ultrafiltraçãos
  • Descarga de efluentes de alta qualidade até para corpos receptores de água sensíveis
  • Efluente reutilizável (ex. como água de serviço para irrigação)
  • Operação confiável com Monitoramento e Controle Remotos
  • Manutenção responsável, confiável e preventiva com nosso Contrato de Serviço

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